Chef for Hire

Chef For Hire Services

A journey discovering all the traditions

Flavors and knowledge of the islands

The Source chef for hire service offers carefully prepared and presented food with a luxurious twist for guests who want to enjoy a break from everyday dining.

Our unique chef for hire service offers a range of different tastes, including local fare, using fresh whole foods with imaginative as well as classic techniques. We offer partial, full and weekly service as well as intimate dinners, cocktail parties and multi course formal haute cuisine dinners.


Menus can be custom designed in conjunction with the chefs to meet your needs. Alternatively, you can choose from our existing menus which are available on our website or use our menu as a guide to assist you with planning your culinary experience. We are able to work and cater to any dietary restrictions that you may have or if you have a preferred palette.

We look forward to making your meal deliciously memorable!