I stayed with a group of women in Turquoise Villa this past weekend, and wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed everything.  My family lives in Nassau, and I realize the many challenges that come with running a business on an island.  I have been singing the praises of your operation since I returned home!

The house itself has all of the modern amenities that are sometimes hard to find on a family island in the Bahamas…not only were they there, they all worked!  The house was exceptionally clean and very well taken care of.  Everything we needed was there…not only did you have beach chairs, you have beach chairs specifically designed so you can lay on your stomach!  Not only did you have an electric kettle, you had a kettle with heat settings for different types of teas!  All of the details were noticed, and very much appreciated!

From arrival to departure, your team on the ground was amazing!  Terry was helpful without being overbearing…you can tell she takes great pride in her work.  Terry made the weekend easy and completely restful!  Lexi is a complete gem…she is smart, gracious and willing to help with anything and everything.  Lexi has an island vibe, but with a firm grasp on a travelers expectations, and a very professional way of presenting herself…a hard combination to find.

We could not get through on the phone to confirm a dinner reservation on the very rainy Friday night, and Lexi drove to the restaurant to confirm it for us.  We locked our key in the house one night…and when we called Lexi, we were inside within 10 minutes!  We absolutely loved every restaurant she and Terry recommended.  Terry/Lexi found a ring after we left (we did not know we had lost the ring), and a photo of the ring, as well as details of returning it came right away.

My husband and I are/were in the hospitality business… what a treat to experience 5 star hospitality and service within a private villa… on an island.  Well Done.